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Easily find the hottest selling Clickbank offers

ClickBank offers, which one to choose

Clickbank marketplace

I’m an affiliate marketer, well, that might be obvious if you have a look at my blog, and I’m always on the lookout for new products.
But, that is what everybody is doing, so competition is stiff.

I use 3 main sources to find offers and one of my them is ClickBank, I’ve written a blog post about that the other day you can find that post here.

The problem I have with ClickBank is that it is kinda hard to find the hottest selling ClickBank offers on their marketplace.
Sure, they have a filter on the main page and categories.

You can set the filter to gravity and average sales amount and include different attributes, but what it doesn’t show you is whether the product is popular now or whether the high gravity number is because it was popular last year.

I mean, it could be that the product was selling very well 2 weeks ago, but by now its gravity might be declining and you are late to the game.
Last December, for instance, there was an offer called the Richdad summit by Robert Kiyosaki (the author of the hugely popular book “Rich dad, pour dad” which you should definitely read).

At one point the gravity for that offer was up to close to 300!
You don’t see that every day on ClickBank.

But after the summit was over the product stayed online and it still is, you can access the replay for only $1.
And if you look now, the gravity is on its way to zero.

The Richdad Summit - Clickbank marketplace
Click here if you’re still interested in that offer.

Don’t know much about history

So I was thinking wouldn’t it be helpful to see what the history of an offer is?
And I figured out a way you can see the history.
With this solution see the history of:

  • The rank of the product
  • The gravity
  • The initial earnings per sale
  • The average earnings per sale
  • The referred percentage
  • The commission percentage


Clickbank ranking history and details


In one glance you can see:

  • The top 5 click bank products
  • The top 5 rising products
  • The top 5 falling products

Clickbank top5 dashboard
You can see al this for all products or per category.

There are reports for:

  • New products
  • Top products
  • Peaking products
  • Hot products
  • Rising products
  • Falling products
  • Recurring products

Clickbank reports

There is even a search field and once you find a product you want to promote, you can generate the hoplink right from the tool. No need to even log in to ClickBank.

Very clear and easy, just with the click of a button.

How to get access to this tool

Sorry, access is closed for now, leave a comment below and 

check “Join the conversation” to be notified when this offer opens up again

How to get access to this tool

Yes, access is open now, click the button below

But, who needs this?

Actually, everybody who is selling affiliate products from ClickBank online should want to know this information.
Whit this you can make a much more informed decision.
I would think that if ClickBank finds this tool, they would want to scoop it up and integrate it into their site, I really do!
I am willing to share this method with you because I think it is absolutely helpful to be able to choose the right product.
I mean why would you want to try to sell a product which is falling in popularity when you can sell the products that are rising in popularity?

Which ones will do better you think?

Want access to this tool?

So, yes I will share this method with you, but…..
(Oh no, there is a but…)
No worries, I’m not asking you for any money, I will share it with you, no problem.

I do want to know if you actually want it…

If enough people do, I will actually share it and even prepare a video for it so you can exactly see how it works.
So, it is up to you now, let me know in the comments below

  1. Put a “Yes, I want this” and tell me the reason why in the comments.
  2. After you’ve put in a comment, click the button below and follow the instructions

How to get access to this tool

Sorry, access is closed for now, leave a comment below and 

check “Join the conversation” to be notified when this offer opens up again

How to get access to this tool

Yes, access is open now, click the button below

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  2. Exceptional post… I have personally made a great deal of money promoting products on Clickbank (as well as selling my own). So yes, any tool that helps affiliates decipher what is currently working is well worth having access to

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