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Have you started building your email list yet?

Have you started building an email list yet? Well, you should and in this blog post, I'm trying to argue the case for building an email list. You may have heard that the money is in the list, but you have no clue on why or how? Read this blog post to help you on your way.
start building your email list today

Build an email list

A safe way to multiply your income online end why an email list is the answer!

A simple strategy for online success in the long-term

This blog post can change your life if you act on it and do what you need to do to create a financially secure online business.
Regardless of where your business operates, you can gain significant benefits if you follow this plan!

Can you make a million dollars online?
Have you ever thought it is possible for you to make that amount of money?
And, if so, is your current lifestyle conducive to that idea?
First, I want to ignore your negative beliefs.
Would you like to be able to earn a million dollars?
I’m quite certain everyone reading this blog post will answer affirmative, yes or yes?

Even if you do not have a need for a million dollars, just imagine for a moment about many things you can do with that amount of money.

Maybe you only need half that money. You can give the rest to other people in need or a worthy cause you think needs it more.

I do not promise you can make a million dollars, but the information I’m sharing in this post can potentially make you a very healthy income IF YOU TAKE ACTION.
No action = no money It’s that easy.

Focused action will lead to making money online, every online business is the result of the following those proven approaches.

Your online success can be improved in simple ways, like useful content on your website and search engine optimization.
In short, online business success is taking one step at a time and the results will follow.
All you have to focus on is which steps to take and when to take them.
The answer to “WHEN” is easy, “NOW”.

The sooner you start taking action, the faster you’ll get results, so let’s start.

Show me the money

If you read about online marketing, you’ve probably heard the phrase ”the money is in the list” before.

But do you believe me when I tell you that there is probably 10x as much money to be made with lists that you have not been able to make yet?
Think about how much money you currently earn, multiply it by ten and see the difference that makes in the way you think about your future in online marketing.

Let’s first look at a few things
Making lists can be a real pain in the behind. It takes a lot of time and most people search for simple and easy ways to get rich quickly.

Making newsletters every week is an even bigger pain and this is the most common reason why people do not create lists and why most people only achieve 10% or 1% or even less of their money-making potential online.

Common challenges people have when it comes to their list are:

  • writing content for their list.
  • what to write about, to begin with.
  • not knowing how to generate income with their list.

Lots of people are reluctant to start a list
There are many more reasons why people do not have lists and I am sure you have your reasons if you have not started yet.

Let me tell you a secret

You do not need a huge list to earn a lot of money.
In fact, many of these huge lists that you hear from other marketers are often very unproductive.
It is as if you have thousands of people walking past your shop’s window display, have a look at every window but never buy.

It is better to have a store where people visit, pull their wallets every day to buy something.
Your list does not have to be a routine job that you have to attend every day of the week.
It does not have to be a burden.
In fact, a list is the easiest way to quickly make a lot of money.
This is the way most marketers earn their money very quickly.
When you have a list of buyers that are responsive, you are always just an email away from making extra cash, that is, if you have taken care and cherished your list earlier.

Life does not have to be a constant struggle!
I do not cope well having to write content and newsletters every week.
Lots of people probably agree that writing the content of a weekly newsletter is an absolute pain.

The thing is, you have to come up with content for your newsletter that is interesting for the niche you are targeting, and that the content must generate money or why waste all that time and energy?
So, how can someone who doesn’t like writing or has no clue what to write about or doesn’t have the time to write, nurture a list and make money from it easily?

Look at it this way:
You love pugs, so you decide to start a newsletter pugs because you know a lot about pugs and you can think you can create a lot of content for a pug newsletter.
You start your newsletter and in the beginning, only a few people are on the list of newsletters that you write every week.

You might get one or two orders from the affiliate links you have in your newsletter, but initially it not generate that much cash because you can not build your list and create the content at the same time.

You start enthusiastically, write content like a man possessed, but then you realize it!
You would rather be walking with your pug in the park and meet other pug owners.
You would prefer to have a picnic in the park and throw a ball and have your pug fetch it.

You think: “This business of writing newsletters is not all it seems to be”
In fact, you hate to write these newsletters as much as the morning rush hour you try to escape from. You imagine you can do more exciting things with your life.
So you start relaxing with the newsletters and you write less and less.
At the same time, you do not have that many subscribers because you spend so much time writing to the few subscribers you have.
And to make matters worse, some self-proclaimed online marketing expert like me told you that you need a lot of newsletters in many different niches to make all that money than you’ve been dreaming of.

I can hear you thinking, I only have 24 hours a day and have to spend some time tucked away under my blankets or I will crash and burn.

There must be a better and easier way.

Yes, there is an easier way

Actually, there are several easier options and I will tell you what they are.
First strategy:
you can put in a lot of the work yourself initially, but the work can all be done in one go and it does not cost you any money.

Second strategy:
You can also do it in a way that takes less work, done right away which will cost you some money.

Third strategy:
You have the option of outsourcing a lot of the work, which will cost you more money.

Let us focus on the way that will take you a little time and will only cost you a few dollars. Everybody should be able to save up a few dollars, just walk past Starbucks instead of stopping there for an Iced Caramel Macchiato for a couple of days and you’ll be good to go.

So, what are these solutions that will enable you to supplement your income and raise your financial security?
How can you finally get out of this 9-5 job and rush hour traffic that takes away from your most valuable asset in life?
(That asset being ‘time’)

Here they are, the 3 ways to financial freedom.
Option 1:
You have found the right affiliate product to generate income from your subscriber list.
You can hunker down and write a few months worth of newsletters to keep you up for the coming months.
Of course, you have to write the content in such a way that you have the chance to make money with this list and keep the people who have subscribed to receive your newsletter.

Option 2:
You can use and re-process PLR content that you have purchased for the relevant newsletters. Make sure it has been rewritten and edited so that you can convince your readers to buy the product you are promoting and make money.

It is unlikely that ordinary unmodified PLR items will convert as good as specifically written content and that is related to the affiliate revenue streams promoted by you.

The idea here is to create the full content of a specific promotion plan for several months. This way that you can upload it to your email automation software and go on to your next project, knowing that the list will generate money during the coming months.
After those initial months, you will reload it with more content.

Option 3:
You can also opt to buy pre-made and formatted content that you think is interesting for your readers, and know that it is written to sell.
That way you set up your project with a little bit of effort and kinda forget about and go on to the next project.
The majority of the work involved is already done for you.

The preferred approach you need to follow with sending emails to your niche list is to create or buy all content at the same time. Then start your affiliate business as quickly as you can before continuing on to the next project.
I understand you need more information than that to start, so I’ll give you the steps to follow the method in a way that suits you best based on your experience and financial situation.

To make your own content, you just have to start writing and you need to start NOW. Because every day you postpone starting you are leaving money on the table.
Time is always essential.

Planning and goal setting

You need to make your plan and stick with it.
It is very easy to get distracted, I know, it happens to me all the time. But if you set your course for the next let’s say 6 months and stick with that plan by reviewing it every single day. Work on it every day, even if it is only 1 hour, you will succeed.
I can’t emphasize it too much, make your plan and stick with it. Set the goal you want to reach in the next 6 months, write your plan how to reach that goal and follow that plan.

A simple goal can be as follows, in 6 months from now I want to have

  • 1 list
  • with 2,500 subscribers
  • send 1 informational newsletter per week
  • offer them 1 affiliate product per week.

That means you will need to be able to add 13-14 subscribers to your list per day, have 26 newsletters ready and have 26 affiliate offers in the pipeline.

That is all very doable, you can even break it down further, so you can make a simple task list writing down every single task you need to do every day.

Keeping it simple and make it very easy for yourself.
Making it clear what it is that you have to do on a daily bases to reach the goal you have set for yourself in 6 months.
I promise you, if you do that and keep with, you will succeed.

Email automation

You are not going to send every single email by hand, of course, that would be very labor intensive.
One of the most important tools you will need is an email automation tool, also called an autoresponder service.

There are a lot of options, I’m just going to mention 2, MailChimp and GetResponse.
If you have no budget at all but do want to start, MailChimp has a free starter option. With this option, you have up to 2,000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. Which is more than enough when you begin.

But I would want to encourage you to sign up with GetResponse.
You can sign up for free and try it for free for 30 days.
After that, you’ll pay from $10,50 a month upwards for 1,000 subscribers.
By the time you get there, you should be making enough money from your list to have it pay for itself.

The reason I opt for GetResponse is that even in the cheapest plan they include things like

  • Email
  • Basic Landing pages,
  • Marketing automation,
  • Workflows
  • and Tags.

And ones your business starts growing, you will be able to upgrade to include things like

  • webinars,
  • Scoring,
  • Abandoned cart,
  • Web event tracking,
  • Automation segmentation
  • and up to 3 users.

Also, If you click on the banner or the link below, you can sign up for the GetResponse list building mini course.

They explain perfectly how you can start building your list and the best news is, it is totally free!

So I would urge you to sign up with GetResponse.

PLR Content

I’ve mentioned PLR as a source for your content already.
If you don’t know what PLR means, PLR stands for private label rights. This is a license structure used for digital products like ebooks, articles or software where the author of the product sells most or all of the intellectual property rights to their work.

I would not buy a PLR article and put it up on my website or send it as a newsletter just as is. I would use it as a resource ar as inspiration and re-write it in my own words to cater to my subscribers

There are a lot of online places where you can get PLR content.
It will go too far to list them all, but I will list 4 here:

If you are looking for more places to find you might want to check out

Like I just said, you will have to be careful though using PLR content. I have thousands of articles, but most of them I would never use on my money site or send to my email list because a lot of these are written by people who do not speak English as their mother tongue and it shows.
This type of content is not really suitable for newsletters.
I would advise you to rewrite and adjust the content so that it appears to have been written by you.
Make sure to only use high-quality content, but buying PLR content is cheap and the fastest and easiest way is to get started.

Suddenly, creating newsletter content became a lot easier.
You are well on your way to start your own online business.

State of making money online

When you build your own list, you build a business and starting your own company this way is the only way to make money consistently.
All else is just a temporary income stream that can be wiped out any second by something out of your control.

All else, in this case, can be search engine traffic, income from pay per click ads, Adsense earnings, and so on.

Most money making online methods as a source of income from the Internet should be regarded as a temporary, and at best a feeble, base to make a sustainable income.

The stories are horrifying. People spending hours of time and thousands of dollars to build a dedicated following on Facebook or other social media to wake up one day to find that there account is canceled.

Whatever happens to Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, as long as you have your own list of email subscribers, you can always connect with your customers.

Admittedly, I do not want my income to depend as the main source of my income that most people regard as their money making cash cow on the internet.
I woke up one day to find my Adsense account had disappeared overnight.

I had a high ranking keyword search term that generated lots of traffic and income disappear overnight on the whims of Google. This caused a dramatic loss of income overnight.

I have also made $2,500 from a list of 500 subscribers in the first two weeks after sending news and promotions.

I also have lists for which I have not done anything for months that constantly generate money, and those lists are made with what many regards as an unimportant resource:
I created lists overnight with videos on sites like YouTube, and even though the videos are no longer popular, the revenue keeps coming in from that list.

But it’s not about me: it’s about starting a path that’s straight and smooth and going from a steep first climb to a gentle downhill where your money machine keeps growing. Enjoy the scenario in which you live your life your way for most of your waking hours instead of in an office or factory.

Lucky number seven?

You have probably heard that there are usually 7 interactions with your customer before they are ready to trust and buy from you.
Whether this number is correct or not is irrelevant, but the simple fact is that you have to be in contact with your visitors and build up a report.
This report is determined by the delivered content, the copy you are using, how desperate your customers are for information, the problem that you solve for them.

One thing is certain: if you can build that report with your list, you will probably get more sales because that subscriber has transitioned from a reader to a buyer.

Let me emphasize the following.
Do not stop at 7 interactions if that is what it takes to sell. Contact them again and see what other problems you can solve for them.
Many people I see have set up a series of automatic responses that take place over a short period of time and then stop.

Set it up correctly the first time and prepare everything for a few months ahead.
You can change and adjust the content and messages if you feel they are not performing optimally. If your promotion is a total failure, you will still have a lot more that will be gems.

And for the promotions that turn out to be gems, you will check them before the end of the period they ran and decide what you will do over the next months to continue generating revenue from them.
You already have a following that begs for more information, advice, and recommendations.

You do not have to find more traffic to your websites, the traffic is on your list and they are just waiting for you to send them more.

I hope you can see now that the more you spend on building your subscriber list and the more lists you create, the bigger your business will become. And before long you can make more money from one email then you can make in a month from working a 9 to 5.

There are affiliate marketers that can earn a million dollars in a day or two, simply using the lists they have built.
They did not build these lists from one day to the next, but they all started exactly where you are now, with zero.

Each list starts with one subscriber!
The best of them have gotten this message.
Let me tell you a dirty little secret, even the best internet marketers failed before they started making money online and realized that the money is in the list.
It is not only powerful, but it is incredibly simple and you will find it in a lot of courses. I like to focus on keeping things simple, I absolutely want to put the emphasis on that.

I have been running around like a chicken without a head, trying out various different strategies at the same time spreading myself way to thin. Which resulted basically in all these strategies to fail. So, focus and keep it simple.

Internet marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money in the world, compared to just about any other form of setting up a business.

There are so many free and cheap resources available online.

Earning money from a list is probably the easiest way to sell on autopilot 24-7 while you’re on the go, but there are people who spend numerous hours on their computer. Working while they should be sleeping and basically making less money per hour compared to working at a fast food restaurant.

Sounds familiar?
If that is the case, we will change that today.
You will be surprised by the enormous increase that your income could bring by applying the information in this post.

Once you’ve seen results, you’ll be entering the exclusive club of people who have embraced email marketing and there will be no stopping you building lists.

It will make you feel fabulous to know that the more lists you build, the more your monthly income will increase. You will become more self-reliant and successful. You will no longer be susceptible to external factors that make the majority of internet marketers struggle year in and year out.

You will probably start adjusting and changing your subscriber lists to get more money from your subscribers while expanding this safe business model.
You can find out what your subscribers want and then all you have to do is deliver it.
Sounds to simple to be true, doesn’t it? And that’s precisely what building a list is about.

What you should realize

Ideally, in most cases, your lists should require very little maintenance.
You should process all your newsletters simultaneously in advance, that way the flow of the content is consistent throughout the whole marketing flow.

Also, try to select all the affiliate programs for the whole flow you want to earn commission from all at the same time as well.

Every list you build should focus on a specific niche, you should choose niches that:

  • Can be monetized easily
  • Have good affiliate programs
  • Payout great commission

Look for niches with suitable products that you can sell to your subscribers.
You do not have to waste time in such small niches with a low following.
Your ROI, or the relationship between writing or buying the content and the expected revenue is too small to be worth your time and energy.

For example, consider the difference between creating a list for a specific dog breed as opposed to a larger, more lucrative and bigger list aiming at dogs in general. You will not get rich by making a list focussing solely on a Catahoula leopard dog.

You do not have to be passionate about your targeted niche
Get a list that generates money and invest that money in a subject that you are passionate about.
I am not a cat lover, but I love dogs, but I can make money with sites about cats and spend that money on dogs. I can also earn money from sites about dogs as well!

At the same time, I love spending my time on my bicycle, but I yet have to make money from the bicycle niche.

Maybe you can see where I’m coming from with this.
Don’t get me wrong, I love working on my computer and on internet marketing. But what I love most is to be able to turn my computer off when I want to and enjoy the sun outside, have some fun time or some quality family time.

What you need to realize is that not all people on your list will buy from you, but many subscribers will, and that is the only thing that matters

You’ll get people complaining, unsubscribe, ask for there money back and do all sorts of other things. Do not worry about that.
There are many fun people online and we can not satisfy all of them. Have a positive attitude about everything, learn from those experiences, let it slide off your shoulders and continue.

Your time is too precious for any kind of mental distraction.
Each subscriber can be just one click away from unsubscribing from your list. And the good news is you are only one click away from deleting them from your list as well.

Listen to the feedback you get from your subscribers and ask them for their feedback.
When they tell you what it is that they want, give it to him and then be grateful for the money they will spend with you.

Do not sell junk.
The most irrational people are those who think they can deceive others and then wonder why they are not able to make any money online themselves.

Do not rush and do not panic
You will not make a fortune from your first customers and you will be rewarded for your patience.
Providing the relevant information without continually hitting them with sales pitches will pay off in the end.
Vary your newsletters, alternate your regular weekly newsletter with bargain offers if you find them. That is what your subscribers expect and it is the reason they signed up in the first place. Some people will opt out, but those are the ones that are not buying anyway. This will just naturally clean up your list.

Remember this: if you constantly bombard your subscribers with sales, they will go somewhere else (to people like me)

People simply can not get enough information
People are information junkies.
They just want to learn everything they can about the subjects that they are interested in.
Check for the most searched terms on the internet and you’ll see what I mean.
If you type in “Pomeranian dog”, you’ll get like 17,000,000 results and if you check the number one video on YouTube for this term, you’ll see it has more than 3,000,000 views

When a dog barks, thousands of people search for information. They all want to read about it.
Dogs, cats, you name it, people are searching for information about it.
And people are willing to pay money for this information.

Back to the cute little doggies for a moment …
If you check Amazon or eBay for dog or cat toys, food or supplies, you’ll see thousands of results.

Keep your focus on markets where money is to be made. At the end of the day, you are doing it to make some money right?
And it takes just as much work to get a good subscriber as it takes to get a ‘bad’ one.

Give people what they want and you will be well rewarded.
How much money can you make?
It all depends on your list, the chosen niche and the quality of the subscribers on your list.
It depends on the content you have to send them and the offers you make them.
It depends on the quality of the products you recommend and many other factors

Consider the following:
Would you yourself buy the offers that you offer?
Are you content with the content you send every week?
Put yourself in the position of your subscribers.

Okay, I know I did not tell you how much money you get, and that is not possible, but I can give you an example of how you can make money.

Suppose you have 2000 subscribers on your list and you have been supplying them relevant content.
You then offer them a course for which you receive a $30 commission for every sale.
It is the kind, of course, that is a perfect fit for the people on your list.
You send out a newsletter recommending this course to your list and 2.5% of the readers buy the product.
You just made an easy $1.500 selling a product you didn’t even have to make.

That is what I would call easy money.

I just gave a simple example with a small list and a low conversion rate.
Play with the numbers and you’ll see how someone with a list of 5,000 people, selling something that gives him a $30 commission and a 5% conversion rate will quickly add $7,500 to their bank account.

Now imagine scaling this up, this is just one list, but you easily build 2, 3, 4 or 5 lists the same way.
Before you know it you don’t need your job anymore.

Can you make a million dollars?
My honest opinion?
It is unlikely to happen overnight, but it can happen sooner than expected.
The biggest limiting factor for most people is your own limiting beliefs.
I keep telling myself all the time, if other people can do it, so can I.

Believe you can do it. Taken action, aim high and go full steam ahead!
Yes, it is possible to earn a million dollars with online marketing, as many online marketers have done before you.
If I were to sell this article, I should say, “Of course you can make a million dollars, just give me your money.”
But I do not sell this article and you are not stupid. Can you earn more money with online marketing?

Yes, I have no doubt you can. If you take the action and stick with it, you will earn more money!

Many people with less online skills then you have achieved much more online success than you. But you have the same potential as they have.
So, what are you waiting for here? I already told you how you get rich, make a decision and start today!

Just do it!

If you want to know more on what products you can offer to your subscribers, may I suggest reading the following blog post: Start a career in affiliate marketing With Clickbank

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